Credit Card Builders is now Fund&Grow. Same service, same team, new name!
Credit Card Builders remains the name of our flagship funding program.

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"Ari exudes professionalism and I'm extremely glad I have had the privilege of working with him. His passion for his family, life, and career are admirable and he is a natural born leader. I'm [...]"
"I've had the pleasure of working with Mr. Ari Page and the Credit Card Builders family since coming on board as a client in September 2013. Not only are the results legitimately superb, a rarity [...]"
"Ari is the consummate credit development guru, and his innovative company helps small businesses acquire zero percent interest business and corporate credit cards. Credit Card Builders’ success [...]"
"Ari and his team deliver on everything they advertise. They understand the ins and outs of bank financing and help you navigate the maze that is almost impossible to figure out as a personal [...]"
"Ari`s office did a great job boosting my business score. He is one of the most intelligent and professional people in his field that I know. His honestly and great driving energy is higly [...]"
"I've been working with Ari Page for about 2 months, and we are already getting great results! We've recieved about $47,500 in credit for our startup, already, and that's just the beginning. I [...]"
"Ari's group was able to secure credit for my business. They were professional and very helpful. I would recommend them to others."
"Ari and his staff are the most knowledgeable people I've met in the credit industry. If you need business credit, he's the go-to guy."
"I highly recommend Ari and his teammates at They have been instrumental in helping me secure over $75k in business credit for my newly started sole proprietorship. They [...]"
"I have worked with Ari Page and Credit Card Builders for the past few years. Ari is one of my mastermind members at The Winners Circle and has helped numerous TWC members gain 100's of thousands [...]"
"Ari & his excellent team have helped me move to the next level in my business & I am really guys rock the Casbah ! I have been able to accumulate, w/ their expert help, $80K of [...]"
"Thank you for getting me $67,000 of business credit lines within 45 days of getting started! I did not think it would go this quick. This has been a big boost for my business profile! Thanks [...]"
"I have worked with Ari Page for around 3 years. I have set up multiple JV's with Ari and Credit Card Builders and I continue to be amazed at the high level of satisfaction of the clients we send [...]"
"We stared with an excellent FICO score, and zero personal debt aside from a mortgage on our primary residence. Credit Card Builders was able to help us get $50,000 in unsecured personally [...]"
"Ari and Credit Card Builders have a business plan that works. I have gained over $55,000.00 in Business Credit to date. I have Worked with Zac,Amanda and Ward with success and satisfaction.All of [...]"
"Ari and the CCB team have provided me with excellent service in obtaining business lines of credit at an introductory rate of 0%! To date, I've received $89,000 through the use of their services, [...]"
"With all of the companies out there claiming to get your business zero per cent investment money ---- CCB is the real deal! Got over $50K in less than 90 days. We will be continuing to work [...]"
"Ari and his company have delivered what they promised in stage 1; which is business credit of over $30,000. I expect even better results as he completes stages 2, 3 and 4."
"I would highly recommend Credit Card Builders to anyone who is interested in boosting there business credit profile and getting lots of low interest credit for your business. I have had them [...]"
"Ari and his team at Credit Card Builders are experts in their line of work, creating business credit for their clients. Ari and the team are creative and provide their services at a reasonable [...]"
"As a former banking underwriter, I've come across all of the dirty tricks perpetrated by credit reporting agencies and their credit providers. I've also come across a lot of so-called experts [...]"
"Ari Page DELIVERS! I have known Ari for a number of years and I have repeatedly hired him to teach my clients, students, and business owners how to access huge chunks of cash for their real [...]"
"Ari is very detail oriented and a stand-up guy. He has helped me and my clients get hundreds of thousands of dollars in much-needed business credit. Ari has my highest recommendation."
"I have sent many clients over to Credit Card Builders as an affiliate and have been amazed at the results! Ari and his team have the highest integrity and business ethics, they do what they say [...]"
"Ari Page and Credit Card Builders were my first choice for helping form my small business and initiating business credit services. His firm was super fast and effective in helping me with these [...]"
"Ari's firm provided very professional services to my marketing company, Orange Beacon Marketing, in building up working capital through business credit cards and line of credits. His team [...]"
"Ari & Credit Card Builders have created a financial avenue of infinite opportunity for us with this opportunity! Since joining, 8 months into it, we have received over $110,000 in 0% interest [...]"
"Credit Card Builders was able to secure $100,000 in 0% interest for my company. The attention we received was incredible! Ari's knowledge of the credit industry was very useful. I would strongly [...]"
"I highly recommend Ari Page and the entire Credit Card Builders Team. Their knowledge of the inner workings of the credit industry affords me the maximum amount of credit available to fund my [...]"
"Ari Page and his dedicated team at Credit Card Builders have given the clients at Speaking Empire not only exceptional customer service, but also created an safe environment to help them learn [...]"
"Credit Card Builders have done a terrific job of getting new lines of business credit for me and my wife. they have done precisely what they said they would do and have exceeded my expectations. [...]"
"The business credit program offered by Credit Card Builders is exceptional and I have tried other companies for a point of reference. The case workers assigned to my file (Liana Alexander / [...]"
"“I have signed up with CCB twice now and am on my second year of service! I continue to be amazed by the results! This year alone they have created $140,000 of 0% Business Credit cards for me and [...]"
"I highly recommend Ari Page and Credit Card Builder Services! Lines of Credit is critical to my business success. Credit Card Builders in less than two months secured over $40,000 in unsecured [...]"
"I've worked with Ari for a number of years. He is professional, fair, thoughtful, mindful and responsible. He and his team are a true pleasure to work with."
"Ari and his team have provided us with great service and are very prompt to answer questions. Funding has been quick and awesome. Our business has benefited from his services greatly and we look [...]"
"Ari is a friend. He's a straight shooter. It's rare to build trusting relationships with people who you compete with directly or indirectly and Ari is one of those people who we indirectly [...]"
"Ari has an outstanding character, he will not hesitate to go the extra mile for his clients. I hired his services back in 2008 and to this date we keep in touch, he is always ready to help when I [...]"
"We have implemented Ari's Business, Credit Card Builders and we have referred our clients to him as well. Ari is a pleasure to deal with and is results driven. Mark McGuire, [...]"
"Ari Page is one of the few persons in the credit funding industry that actually delivers. He and his team are the go-to's in a world of a lot of pretenders and fakers. I fully endorse Ari Page [...]"
"Ari is top notch to work with. He and his team exceed expectations with everyone they work with. I have and will continue to work with Ari and to refer him to others. Dusty Rollins [...]"
"Ari and his team at Credit Card Builders are fantastic. They answered all my questions and were able to get my companies the funding ( over 100K in the first batch) they needed to expand. We are [...]"
"Ari really goes the extra mile for his clients and I can’t recommend him highly enough. In fact, my business partner and I (who’s also a CCB client) have been sharing CCB with our Wealth Vault [...]"
"Ari is a truly exceptional individual who listens, strategizes and produces results, plain and simple!"